Baby Panda Care

9.21.1000 for iPhone

Take care of your little baby panda bear


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Your baby panda bear is home, and he needs all the attention and care that you can give him, so you have to make an effort to help him grow strong and healthy. Baby Panda Care is a game for kids, with which they can learn about simple responsibilities and cares, through small tasks with their virtual pet.

Let the youngest in the house assist the newborn baby panda by interacting with him, and providing what he needs. They have to take care of the panda bear as if it were a real pet, which includes feeding him and giving him water, putting him to sleep, playing together, changing his diapers, and any other thing he might need. In short, you have to help the kids learn first hand what it means to take care of a baby.

Since Baby Panda Care is designed so that children can learn specific concepts in a simple way, the interface is structured in a way that can be understood efficiently by even the youngest kids. At all times, there are recognizable elements on the screen, which they can interact with by just tapping on them. Constant tutorials also help them play by themselves, without going to the parents to ask what to do all the time.

Let your kids develop a routine and schedule to follow every day: wake up the panda bear, get the bottle ready, teach them as if they were in school, play and go to bed, all of it with this adorable panda bear that they will definitely love.